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hejilong Four big advantage
System,Was bornProduction,AnnOne-stop service experts
Processing technology mature,Design is beautiful
Quality assurance,High cost performance

Quality assurance,High cost performance Can provide door-to-door field measurement,Design,Door-to-door delivery,Installation and other services。

Hutchison long specialized in electric door、Telescopic door、Gate、Gate、Control box、Gate and a series of mechanical and electrical integration of product development、Production and sales。
Field trips,Suitable for installation scheme。
◇ On-site measuring and design。
◇ Select materials and flowers,Each batch of material through strict screening。
◇ The welding and grinding,High machining precision。
◇ Electrostatic powder coating processing,Focus on every detail of the outline。
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Professional electric door custom、Production、Installation of one-stop service

Hutchison lung are numerous well-known enterprisesReliable choice!
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